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Applied Management Professionals Program

Connect with motivated and driven graduate students to shape tomorrow’s workforce

M Powered Strategies’ Applied Management Professionals (AMP) Program recruits skilled candidates to address your organizational needs. These highly-qualified individuals work side-by-side with you for 10 weeks to provide superior deliverables and help you achieve your top priorities.

AMP Program Mission

The AMP Program mission is to produce high-quality deliverables with sustainable results for our clients and provide tangible work experience to graduate students, while fostering enduring relationships between talented students and the government professionals they work with.

How AMPs Work

Applied Management Professionals (AMPs) exercise a complete suite of consulting skills to provide government leaders with affordable, professional project delivery that offers both immediate and long-term solutions. Government sponsors can expect skilled individuals who will:

  • Work collaboratively to accomplish top priorities
  • Deliver quality results on critical tasks and projects in a short timeframe
  • Advance the sponsor agency’s mission and goals

We Find the Brightest Talent Based On Your Needs

M Powered Strategies® understands that a knowledgeable, professional staff is an absolute necessity in achieving your agency’s mission. Our rigorous recruiting process selects the most reliable, efficient and capable graduate students in the nation to collaborate with government executives. The executives’ unique  requirements are matched to   the most qualified individuals.

We Offer Exceptional Corporate Support

To ensure superior and prompt project delivery, our AMPs work under the direction of an M Powered Strategies® Team Lead, who is also responsible for making sure that all contractual reporting requirements are met. In addition, AMP Program Leadership directly engages with the AMPs and is available to clients for quality assurance.

M Powered Strategies provides:

  • Training in key skill areas including business process design, project management and strategic planning
  • Opportunities to network with and learn from senior executives across agencies
  • One-on-one corporate mentorings

What Is Your Role In a Successful AMP Program?

As the sponsor, you play an important role throughout the program. While the AMPs are working onsite at your agency, we ask that you.

  • Support the opportunity for talented graduate-level professionals to learn and grow in a dynamic environment
  • Have a clearly defined project scope and objective
  • Directly engage with AMPs several times per week
  • Provide exposure to a variety of senior managers

Projects May Include:

  • Budget and Onboarding Process Design
  • Business Process Design and Implementation
  • Communication Planning
  • Asset and Customer Account Management
  • Root Cause and Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Technical Writing and Documentation
  • Special projects based on client need