Department of Health and Human Services

Since 2011, M Powered Strategies has established a strong and reliable presence as trusted advisors and change agents within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). By delivering quality services—from building high-performance, collaborative teams to enabling effective cross-agency communication and collaboration for interagency initiatives—M Powered Strategies has been instrumental in helping HHS achieve its organizational mission and objectives. We have provided support in Executive Organization Strategic Alignment, Governance Design and Implementation, Facilitation and Meeting Management, Strategic Communications and Marketing Consulting, Project Management, and Organizational Development and Change Management.

Areas of Service

Office of the Chief Information Officer

  • Office of Information Technology Budget and Capital Planning Office (OITBCP) and Domain IT Program Management Office (PMO)
    Strategic Executive Services, Organizational Design, Project Management, Facilitation and Meeting Management,
    Streamlining the IT Governance Process, Complex Stakeholder Management, Communications Planning

Health Resources and Services Administration

  • Federal Office of Rural Health Policy
    Strategic Planning, Organizational Change Management, Organizational Analysis & Assessment,
    Facilitation, Meeting Management & Logistics, Stakeholder Management & Engagement