Professional Development Programs

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Executives and HR Managers look to hire people who are ready to perform. A complete professional should be aware, able, and engaged with his/her team. M Powered Strategies provides the structures and vehicles students and professionals need to accelerate growth in the workforce. With a suite of professional development services, including hands-on client work and a strategically designed training portfolio, MPS develops individuals of all levels to become well-rounded and valued professionals.

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Professional Readiness and Effectiveness Program (PREP)

PREP offers a structured methodology to support the development of well-rounded professionals, with a 25-week apprenticeship program that includes practical engagement, strategic training, analysis, and measured progress oversight. Apprentices gain paid work experience on project teams while acquiring the competencies and skills they need to make a meaningful impact.

The PREP curriculum is offered in three programs, each aligned to overarching learning outcomes, but tailored to three distinct audiences to maximize impact:

Applied Management Professionals (AMP) Program

Through our Applied Management Professionals Program, M Powered Strategies offers graduate students an opportunity to tackle real consulting projects and experience life and work inside the Beltway. From mid-June to mid-August, Applied Management Professionals (AMPs) work on client contracts under the direction of an experienced M Powered Strategies Project Manager.